Just back from Malaysia, and lest anyone thinks it was all play and no work, I’ve brought home tales of my new favourite brand, Tune Hotels. A sister company of the Ryanair-esque budget airline Air Asia, they position themselves as a five star sleeping experience at a one star price. Trendwatching.com would call them no frills chic, in the tradition of brands like IKEA or H&M.

The concept was born out of the experiences of their CEO, a former Warner Music executive who spent his life flying around with recording artists, passing through one unused five star hotel suite to the next. He noticed that the only thing his choosy clients seemed to notice or complain about, were the bed and the shower. Based on that, Tune Hotels guarantee a supremely comfortable and clean bed, with a high pressure power shower.

For everything outside of that, in true Ryanair fashion, you can pay extra. Air conditioning? (who doesn’t want air conditioning in 30 degree humidity?!) No problem, it’s pay as you go. Breakfast? Towels? Toiletries? Hairdryer? TV? WIFI? Just stick in on the bill. It’s a great way of simultaneously tapping into travellers who only want to pay the bare minimum for accommodation, while also indentifying those open to an upsell.

Revenue generation doesn’t stop there. They also sell advertising – housed within three raised picture frames in the bedroom. I was the lucky recipient of brand communication from a Malaysian mobile phone carrier, a global shampoo brand and and restaurants in the nearby area. In addition they lease space on the ground floor to partners like Seven Eleven and Subway – a win win for the hotel, the stores and the visitors.

Launched only two years ago, Tune are expanding rapidly. They have eight hotels already, with plans to open a staggering 84 hotels by 2013. The mayor of Paris wrote to the company himself, pleading with them to open up a Tune hotel in his city. There’s clearly a unsatisfied niche in the market, recession or no recession, and it’s just a wonder that nobody cracked this earlier – including Michael.



Haiti Aid 2010

January 26, 2010

We are organising a music marathon in Whelan’s and the Village Wednesday February 3rd  2010 in aid of Haiti – all money from ticket sales, raffle prizes etc going to the Irish Red Cross, who will be there on the night.

There will be three stages, fifteen bands, MC Michelle Doherty, Breffni and Steven Higgins from last years Apprentice, as well as face painters, graffiti artists, and Diageo will be sampling free Captain Morgans on the night.

We are trying to drum up as much support as possible for this event, and so far people have been incredibly generous with free press space, radio ad spots, and amazing raffle prizes. (Thanks to Diageo, Phantom, The Irish Daily Mail, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Star, The Sun, Hot Press, Image, 98FM, Carlton Screen, Carphone Warehouse, Playstation, FM104, Irish International, Newstalk, The Mirror, Walkers).

Now we need to get the numbers in! Capacity is 1,300 and we want to sell out – remember every penny is going to charity. Tickets are available online at www.tickets.ie or at the WaV Box Office beside Whelan’s call: 1890 200 078 and I can guarantee it will be a great night!

 And if you cant make it feel free to donate on our mycharity page.




January 25, 2010

The latest from the Ignition5 team!

Vanessa & Philippa.

Get in Where you Fit In

January 22, 2010



Here at The Influentials, we’ve been fans of the Jedward phenomenon from the beginning, and regardless of whether or not they are a musical abomination, we can’t help but be proud to see what these boys are doing for themselves. It has been announced that Vanilla Ice’s “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)” will be their debut single. It seems like a great move – they brought the house down with their renditions both on XFactor and at this week’s UK’s National Television Awards, and the song’s release has already been predicted to hit the No. 1 spot.

Vanilla Ice himself appears on the track and he’s been vocal in his support of the boys, saying, “I said to these guys ‘get in where you fit in’ – don’t listen to the critics.” “Get in Where you Fit In” –  not an original Vanilla Ice sentiment, granted, but it’s a great one nontheless, and I think I’m going to pin it up on my desk.

John and Edward are doing exactly that – getting in where they fit in. A door opened and they’re running right through. They probably didn’t plan to become a novelty act, but hey, that’s how it turned out and they are taking full advantage of the situation. Often success comes from left field; the key is recognising it, and taking advantage. Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ originally entered the charts in 1982, reappeared in the Irish charts in 2007 following its use on The Sopranos, and in the wake of performances of the song on XFactor and Glee, is back at No.6 in the UK charts. Minoxidil was first used as a blood pressure drug, and after noting that its side effects included increased hair growth, Upjohn Corporation decided to produce and market it as a hair loss treatment we now know as Regaine.  Get in where you fit in.

Finding an ownable niche where you truly ‘fit’ is the ultimate challenge that faces businesses. From new product development to marcoms, experimentation may sometimes be the only way to find it, but when it finally works well, it’s fantastic.

I’ve talked before about how we sometimes sit on half- baked ideas or plans for fear that they won’t work, or that we’ll look stupid, or because they aren’t turning out the way we expected. Trial and error is sometimes the best way to come around to the perfect solution – it may not be the solution we were expecting, but if it works, it works. Get in where you fit in.


Ignition 5

January 19, 2010

Some weekly inspiration from Igntion …

Philippa & Vanessa.

3D Convert

January 18, 2010



I finally saw Avatar (I’m very, very late to the party, I know, I’m slapping myself on the wrist). I have to say, I’m a total convert. I was sceptical about 3D generally, but notwithstanding the faint feeling of carsickness during high- action scenes, I was utterly enthralled for the entire 162 minutes. Not too long ago, I talked about how unconvinced I was about 3D and that, despite the hype, I wasn’t too sure if it would really take hold. I doubted whether its benefits outweighed its costs. I’ll freely admit it: I underestimated the benefits. I think what I said was “…… cool. I’m not sure how cool though”.  The answer: Super, super cool. 

3D TVs are going to be very expensive, but as these things go, we can safely assume that will only be a short term problem. Realistically, the price will come down over the next couple of years. Fresh from seeing the best example yet of 3D in all its glory, I can safely say that if it comes down to it, I’ll sell a kidney for a 3D TV. And I’ll wear whatever glasses you want me to wear – what do I care if I look silly? I‘m not looking in the mirror, I’m watching my super cool 3D TV.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2010 came and went this month, and 3D was whatever one step up from ‘buzz word’ is. It was everywhere. ESPN and the Discovery Channel announced their new 3D networks, 3D Blu-ray players from Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba were unveiled. 3D TVs came through from Vizio, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, and LG Electronics. Other developments came along too – not least of which was the developers all starting, as if by magic, to call the much anticipated ‘tablet’ PCs, ‘slates’ instead. But the king of the castle was certainly 3D, in all its guises. I’m converted.



2010 – What will Change?

January 12, 2010

Another year – can you believe it? I remember the millennium like it was yesterday. And I know saying things like that makes you sound old…..but I do remember it! So maybe I am getting old.

Anyway, new year – time for resolutions – time for change. A good time for Renault to launch their ‘Drive the change’ brand film, kindly voiced over by the lovely Ewan McGregor.

Many argue that ‘green causes’ and environmentalism are suffering during the current global economic downturn. Conversely, climate change is becoming more and more of an issue. People fear the outcome of climate change will be many times worse than expected.

Anyway, I’ve talked about timing before, but January 2010 is the perfect time to talk about the future – in 2011 (the future) Renault will launch  4 zero emission electric cars, and by 2015 we will all be driving one.

January is a depressing month, people make resolutions, have no money and the days are long and dark and grey. A good time for a positive message – for Renault the future is electric. Get ready to recharge your car in the way you do your phone, and help combat climate change.


  1. Appear on RTE primetime(preferably 9 o’ clock news/ Late late show)
  2. Make a spectacle of oneself (examples include comical fall on ice, rant obscenities at Pat Kenny, have a obscure knowledge of watches).
  3. Live shows are preferable; however clever editing of spectacle is also appropriate.
  4. Digital Tv= Youtube / Facebook hit

The number of obscure Facebook groups has been on the rise long since its inception. To name a few, recent additions to the social networking site include “John-joe to fix my clock”, referring the 10 year old horologists appearance on the Late Late toy show, “The guy that slipped on the nine o’ clock news” referring to last weekends news story on icy pavements, where an unsuspecting pedestrian took a hopper in front of an Rte camera crew.  These people come as light relief to often more serious news stories. The current “guy on ice story” has received near to 40,000 Youtube hits. The marvel is the speed at which these stories translate from our Tv screens into our social networks. The “Guy on ice story” appeared on Youtube 1 hour after the broadcast. So lesson learned, in order to become that a Youtube 1 hit wonder take advantage of RTE’s live TV schedule and watch out for broadcast vans near you. Long gone are the days of waving in the background during All-Ireland finals, a spectacle is needed!


Ignition 2010

January 11, 2010

After a sleepy, well fed christmas Ignition 5 is back online.

Philippa and Vanessa

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