John and Edward have the X Factor

October 20, 2009


I’m going to jump on the band wagon and write a post about the X Factor. You can’t escape it these days. Every newspaper, even the highest of brow, has either a dedicated columnist or daily/weekly editorial – even the Irish Times!  

You search it in google and there are 57.5 million links! On twitter, there is a new comment every mille second. Every time I log into facebook, some one has updated their status with a new X factor related comment… (and I log on pretty often).

Winter is in the air, and X factor has started to permeate our lives, (even more than last year). All across the UK and Ireland, it is conversation spinner genius. Yay, we don’t have to talk about the weather, or the depressing state of the economy, or the Lisbon Treaty, or the way the Christmas advertising has started too early this year. It is escapism and excitement at its very best.

Now on to what I really want to talk about – John and Edward (aka Jedward). What a pair. Originally, I was disgusted. How embarrassing are these guys? What are they doing for the image of Ireland and its people? What with Louis Walsh and these high haired clowns, the population of the UK must think we are a pack of feckin eejits.

Then on Saturday night, my mind changed. I started to like them. I cried with laughter for the full 3 minutes of their rendition of Britney Spears ‘Oops I did it Again.’ I’m not the type of person who votes for these kind of things, but if the option was there, I’m pretty sure I would show my support for them. There is no sob story, they are rubbish singers, but god are they pure comedy to watch.  

And now, the Grafton Barber Chain is inundated with requests for the ‘Jedward’ a sky-high platinum blond hairstyle. Read about it here! It’s the ‘Rachel’ for men. I can’t believe it.

The X Factor is the high point of my Winter  – talkability factor 10 out of 10. If you want to create your own ‘Jedward’ click on Edwards pre-do photo….Halloween costume idea?




4 Responses to “John and Edward have the X Factor”

  1. theinfluentials said

    V – you absolutely have to dress up as Jedward for Halloween now!!

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