3D Convert

January 18, 2010



I finally saw Avatar (I’m very, very late to the party, I know, I’m slapping myself on the wrist). I have to say, I’m a total convert. I was sceptical about 3D generally, but notwithstanding the faint feeling of carsickness during high- action scenes, I was utterly enthralled for the entire 162 minutes. Not too long ago, I talked about how unconvinced I was about 3D and that, despite the hype, I wasn’t too sure if it would really take hold. I doubted whether its benefits outweighed its costs. I’ll freely admit it: I underestimated the benefits. I think what I said was “…… cool. I’m not sure how cool though”.  The answer: Super, super cool. 

3D TVs are going to be very expensive, but as these things go, we can safely assume that will only be a short term problem. Realistically, the price will come down over the next couple of years. Fresh from seeing the best example yet of 3D in all its glory, I can safely say that if it comes down to it, I’ll sell a kidney for a 3D TV. And I’ll wear whatever glasses you want me to wear – what do I care if I look silly? I‘m not looking in the mirror, I’m watching my super cool 3D TV.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2010 came and went this month, and 3D was whatever one step up from ‘buzz word’ is. It was everywhere. ESPN and the Discovery Channel announced their new 3D networks, 3D Blu-ray players from Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba were unveiled. 3D TVs came through from Vizio, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, and LG Electronics. Other developments came along too – not least of which was the developers all starting, as if by magic, to call the much anticipated ‘tablet’ PCs, ‘slates’ instead. But the king of the castle was certainly 3D, in all its guises. I’m converted.




3 Responses to “3D Convert”

  1. theinfluentials said

    Me too – the Avatar effects blew me away! Also they had a 3D trailer for the new 3D Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp which looks like it will be AMAZING!

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