2010 – What will Change?

January 12, 2010

Another year – can you believe it? I remember the millennium like it was yesterday. And I know saying things like that makes you sound old…..but I do remember it! So maybe I am getting old.

Anyway, new year – time for resolutions – time for change. A good time for Renault to launch their ‘Drive the change’ brand film, kindly voiced over by the lovely Ewan McGregor.

Many argue that ‘green causes’ and environmentalism are suffering during the current global economic downturn. Conversely, climate change is becoming more and more of an issue. People fear the outcome of climate change will be many times worse than expected.

Anyway, I’ve talked about timing before, but January 2010 is the perfect time to talk about the future – in 2011 (the future) Renault will launch  4 zero emission electric cars, and by 2015 we will all be driving one.

January is a depressing month, people make resolutions, have no money and the days are long and dark and grey. A good time for a positive message – for Renault the future is electric. Get ready to recharge your car in the way you do your phone, and help combat climate change.


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