How to become a Youtube/ Facebook One hit wonder

January 11, 2010

  1. Appear on RTE primetime(preferably 9 o’ clock news/ Late late show)
  2. Make a spectacle of oneself (examples include comical fall on ice, rant obscenities at Pat Kenny, have a obscure knowledge of watches).
  3. Live shows are preferable; however clever editing of spectacle is also appropriate.
  4. Digital Tv= Youtube / Facebook hit

The number of obscure Facebook groups has been on the rise long since its inception. To name a few, recent additions to the social networking site include “John-joe to fix my clock”, referring the 10 year old horologists appearance on the Late Late toy show, “The guy that slipped on the nine o’ clock news” referring to last weekends news story on icy pavements, where an unsuspecting pedestrian took a hopper in front of an Rte camera crew.  These people come as light relief to often more serious news stories. The current “guy on ice story” has received near to 40,000 Youtube hits. The marvel is the speed at which these stories translate from our Tv screens into our social networks. The “Guy on ice story” appeared on Youtube 1 hour after the broadcast. So lesson learned, in order to become that a Youtube 1 hit wonder take advantage of RTE’s live TV schedule and watch out for broadcast vans near you. Long gone are the days of waving in the background during All-Ireland finals, a spectacle is needed!



2 Responses to “How to become a Youtube/ Facebook One hit wonder”

  1. theinfluentials said

    Interesting post Pip! Piaras Kelly has been commenting on the same thing and has posted a great remix of the ice video (I presume it’s the Vanilla Ice version and not our eagerly awaited Jedward one!)

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