The Chicken and the Egg

October 2, 2009

chicken-or-eggWhich comes first, the chicken or the egg? You’re kidding!!! I’m not the first to wonder? OK, so most agree that the answer is the egg; the egg was born to an animal of another species (genetically close to a chicken, but not quite a chicken), and woke up as a chicken. Ok, I’m oversimplifying…….. and I’m about to do it again, but it’s sort of like ideas. Bear with me.

I have an idea; I know it’s sort of weak and still very much in its infancy. I have no idea how it would actually be implemented, but I have this inescapable feeling that I’m really getting somewhere with it. But still, it’s not well formed, not really explainable in any way that will make anyone go “WOW!” I’m a bit stuck, so, for fear of looking stupid, I’m keeping it to myself.

Last month Beth Harte wrote  how she’s waving a white flag and reevaluating her blogging habit. She said, “I have SO many thoughts rattling around in my head but the pressure to make them perfect stops me from writing them down”. That makes me sad, and it makes me wonder how much brainpower is being wasted by people sitting on imperfect thoughts.

An imperfect thought is like the sort- of- but- not- quite- a- chicken- type animal. It’s something, but it’s not quite the thing we’re after. We’re looking for a chicken. But what this not- quite- a- chicken- type animal can do is give birth to something else, an altogether new animal (a chicken!!!), which is exactly what we’re after. So how do we get our chicken?

Well, how does anything get born? Apart from a few exceptions, you need another element to join in and help the process along. So if you have an idea that’s half baked, why not share it and see if someone else can give you a hand in finishing it off? We all agree that brainstorming can create some fantastic ideas but the principles of brainstorming aren’t typically applied in the day-to-day. Too often, brainstorming comes with capital B.



2 Responses to “The Chicken and the Egg”

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