Perspective is Everything

November 28, 2014

One of my favourite TED speakers is advertising guru and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group, Rory Sutherland. He is a hilarious and inspiring man who really gets the brain juices going. He makes ideas come to life in his story-telling way of describing things.

Although it’s quite old at this stage, “Perspective is Everything” from 2011 is one of my favourite of Sutherland’s TED Talks. He delves into behavioural psychology and makes it interesting, opening up our minds to issues we may have never thought about before.

For example, a psychological solution to deter people from crossing the road on a red pedestrian light is to give them a countdown so they know how long they’ll have to wait. Sutherland explores this and various other examples of psychology in our lives and how re-framing a situation can be the key to happiness. I hope you enjoy it too!



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