There are two challenges for musicians these days:

 1)      How do I make money? With illegal download websites all the rage, artists are struggling to make any profit off music sales.

 2)      How do I get myself known? This was always an issue but possibly easier to crack than the first problem.

There was much talk of ‘the end of the music industry’ a couple of years ago due to declining year on year album sales and revenues down 10-15% each year from 2002 – 2008. People are hunting for music online, and it’s all too easy to download for free on illegal websites, such as limewire.  Neasa has talked to us before about the new trend of free, and how people expect most things digital to be free, apart from when they get a super premium service which they are willing to pay a small fee for. (And the online newspaper paid for content debate is ongoing, with New York Times due to launch paid content in 2011.)

At the same time, Apple have just announced their ten billionth iTunes download, so perhaps the music industry isn’t in the dire straits it feared it would be. And the public is still demonstrating a thirst for music, new and old. Concerts are selling out, and the number of music festivals is increasing every year – recession or no recession. Vantastival, for example is the new family music festival in County Louth launching  Summer 2010.

So, (given that iTunes is alive and kicking and gigs and music festivals are on the increase), we need to then crack problem one. How? ONLINE! Facebook, twitter, MySpace, blogs, Facebook again etc. And any name and number can be found by the click of a mouse. Easy! Well, time will tell. My current project is the Davy Lewis Band. I’ll let you know how I get on. Check out their music at: And Hot Press review below. We are living in a different era (thank god for online!). 


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