Happy Monday!



Apparently not according to most predictions. And Ken Ring, the Kiwi dude who supposedly predicted our last few soaking wet summers is suggesting we will face the same again this year. Read his latest forecast here. Or google ‘weather prediction Ireland summer 2010’ and you will see: it’s hard for your eyes to avoid the words ‘wash out’.

Depressing.com. I just searched for that website and it doesn’t exist…perhaps met eireann should buy the domain name or it could become the next boards.ie in the market but people are only allowed to moan about the weather. It would be a sure hit.

The word weather is on our lips constantly. 2.5 million relevant Irish pages when you search ‘weather’ and not a single brand in sight. Ok there is met.ie and rte.ie/weather but very little paid for search.

A search area that should be capitalised on by a suitable brand?? I think so.

Meanwhile have a look at a typical Irish day on YouTube – ‘if you don’t like the weather in Ireland wait ten minutes’.


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