The Joy of Travel

May 22, 2014

It tends to be a time of year when I do a bit of travelling. Some social, usually centred around a rugby trip or two, my now annual trip to Madrid and a smattering of business travel which this year includes a few conferences.

I enjoy business travel as I do enough of it to be stimulating and inspiring and not too much of it that it becomes a chore to the detriment of matters elsewhere.

Most recently I have returned from Cascais, just outside Lisbon, a seaside town that seems to have the conference market of Europe cornered. For me alone, this was my third conference there over the years and as far as I could see there appears to be a steady stream of traffic there from all sorts of organisations from all over Europe.


The Joy Of Travel


One of my favourite quotes, from the philosopher du jour, Alain de Botton, is that “travel is the midwife of thought”. I couldn’t agree more. There is something about being away from the ongoing maelstrom of the modern working day, and having the time to gather ones thoughts, be it on the plane, train or automobile that gets one from A to B. Add to that an inspiring agenda about what our company’s view, vision and agenda are for the coming 12 months, which was interspersed with many other fascinating talks and my thought process was in full flight.

The most talked about speaker at our recent conference was Steven Cotler, telling his personal story of how he, most unconventionally, snapped free from the handcuffs of Lyme disease, which, in turn, inspired him to research the biology and chemistry of the brain, and what is needed to get us into a state of what he calls flow, that place where we are in the zone and firing on all cylinders.

So I’ve returned inspired, seeking my flow and armed with a suite of tools to inspire the flow of others. Great conferences inspire great sharing. Time to get sharing.




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