Fáilte Ireland Making Us Smile Again

May 15, 2014

Fáilte Ireland’s new ad campaign is doing a great job at making us remember just how great this Island really is. Having just watched the latest ad, I was quickly reminded of a 3 week holiday that my parents took me on around Ireland when I was younger.

Being 12 at the time I was rather put out that we didn’t go on our annual sun pilgrimage to Spain and so made it my mission not to enjoy the holiday – after all “who would want to go on their holidays in Ireland?”. Well apparently I do. I had actually forgotten about my excursion around Ireland (I suppose fifteen years is a long time) but Fáilte Ireland have brought back my memories and I now feel the need to phone my parents and apologise for being such a brat.

I had obviously suppressed the many highlights of that trip; kissing the Blarney Stone, looking for Fungie the dolphin, learning how to windsurf with my Dad, watching my mum fail in her attempts to surf, the food, exploring caves, hill walks…. the list goes on and on.

But one thing that really does that stand out now that I’m in my late twenties (sigh) is that I want to do this holiday again and soak up everything that Ireland has to offer and actually appreciate it this time.

Make sure to check out their #ThisIsLiving ad above. I, on the other hand, have a phone call to make and a longing to listen to Five who provided the soundtrack to my Irish holiday.

– Rachel


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