Recent Google Adwords updates.

April 28, 2014

At the recently held AdWords Performance Forum, Google announced their most recent changes and updates in AdWords. The new features are set to be rolled out over the next few months, but here’s a quick rundown on the top changes that Jerry Dischler (VP, product management, Adwords) mentioned and what they might mean for you and your business:

App happy:

According to Digital Trends 2013, over 80% of downloaded apps are only used once and then deleted. Google are now turning their attention to app re-engagement through both search and display to challenge this trend. It will entail a deeper linking to already installed apps when you use For instance, when you search for a certain flight through Google, the results will offer to bring you to the result through your installed Aer Lingus/Ryanair app.

In addition they are planning to offer app installations within YouTube ads. This will not only enhance the YouTube format you are currently using, but of course will also add that extra layer to encourage downloads.

In the minefield that is PPC, we are all aware that conversions are key; Google are planning to make available conversion measurement over the life-cycle of an app including installation, re-engagement and in-app purchases. This is invaluable information to business owners – the potential here is huge and something that all app owners should investigate when it becomes available.

Bid Management:

Other recent updates include an integrated bid management system; historically Adwords users would have had to use a third party platform for this kind of bid strategy, but now you can get them directly through AdWords. Other third party platforms do offer more complex and varying bidding systems, but this is a really great start for AdWords. Although the bid strategies are not a very recent development, the ability to maximise conversions and their value are, and it will be very interesting to test the impact of this change when it becomes available.

Campaign Management & Reporting:

For those who would be more familiar with the inner workings of the Adwords system, you’ll be delighted to hear that Google are planning to streamline the ability to change extensions and settings in bulk which will free up precious time to focus on other areas. Coupled nicely with this will be the new advanced reporting feature – the promise of easier data collation is music to our team’s ears!


To keep up to date with Adwords changes, I’d recommend that you subscribe to the AdWords blog with your RSS reader and the Google Analytics blog too; the updates that are released on these come usually once every week or two and can keep you well informed of any upcoming changes that might be happening. But of course keep an eye on The Influentials each week for Adwords and Analytics updates too!




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