Media Awards 2014: BOOM!

April 7, 2014

Last Thursday night OMD won Media Agency of the Year at the 2014 Media Awards. As one of our London colleagues so elegantly put it, BOOM! We’ve been sharing the boom ever since. The wave of positive and personalised messages of congratulation from our clients has been a properly emotional experience. Not that I needed convincing, but we care and it shows.


OMD Win Media Agency of the Year


It’s a difficult time in agency land, in particular it can be challenging to be a ‘small’ country, in an ever so more ‘global’ world. Remaining in control of your own destiny will be a theme for Irish agencies and in turn individuals, as on one level, decision making becomes more centralised and, on another, technology is perceived to replace on the ground expertise. As it happens, our experience has been the opposite, where world class technology is only optimised through world class in market practitioners. Padraig Moran, a worthy recipient of the Media Pioneer award on Thursday night, highlighted how other industries appear to have regained ground on professional fee levels as Ireland exits recession, where advertising agencies have not.

Yet we still work in a most privileged of professions. We get to work as confidants and advisors to organisations of all types and sizes and in so doing experience the full range of business challenges. Communication in most instances is an integral part to building the future success of any company and it is exciting to be at the heart of those conversations. It was inspiring to listen to Nicky Doran, Marketing Controller at Bord Gais Energy and Geoff Scully, Managing Director at Shop Direct Ireland at last week’s ADFX Energiser hosted by IAPI. Both promoted the importance of having a culture within their respective businesses that is open to the power and importance of communication done well. They are not alone and the rest of the marketplace will follow.

At our agency meeting this morning, we shared some creative brilliance that Aoife and the team share each week, through our Ignition5 (available throughout this blog). We also spoke of our award being the springboard for the next stage of our OMD journey, as it was when we won Agency of the Year at the Digital Media Awards a few years back. We believe we make a difference, be it helping our clients to grow or educating stars of the future through our Work experience and UCD mentoring programmes. We inhabit a most competitive of worlds it’s nice to be recognised for these achievements. BOOM!




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