OMDWEW – The Future of Media

February 19, 2014

With another OMD transition year under our belt and a great sense of accomplishment, it is about time we fully explained what goes on behind the scenes.

OMD, like most companies are frequently approached to host transition year students for a week of work experience. For many organisations, students can frequently be seen as a hindrance, as beyond photocopying, filing and licking envelopes, it is often seen as fruitless investing time in students who will spend such a short stint in an organisation.

Over 10 years ago, OMD, decided to take a different approach, we saw a niche opportunity in the transition year students that would be advantageous, to us, the students, our clients, media owners and the industry as a whole. The main aim of the OMD programme is to mimic the actual real working environment and to ensure the students get a tangible insight into the media industry; secondary to this would be developing team work and encouraging creativity in the students. Every year, OMD take in over 40 students (20 at a time) to participate in our highly structured (somewhat pressurised) work experience programme. The students are divided into 4 groups (media agencies) and each group is assigned a mentor from OMD.

The programme starts on a Monday, where the students are given a live brief from an OMD client-and literally have to run with it “Apprentice style” to develop a comprehensive response to brief. Over the last 10 years, clients who have embraced this initiative include McDonalds, Vodafone, Avonmore, Club Orange, Pot Noodle, Sony PlayStation, Eason’s and PepsiCo.  This year, Ferrero and their brand Maxi King challenged them to develop a media strategy for them.

During the week they follow a full and diverse timetable as they meet with a series of Ireland’s biggest media owners (FM104, 98FM, Newstalk, Spin FM, RTE, Kinetic, Carlton Screen, Star, Daily Mail, Irish Times, Sun and Facebook) from different disciplines who explain the benefits of their media and help the students find solutions to their briefs. They not only have the opportunity to produce some of their own advertising with production of a TV and radio ad compulsory but they also gain an in depth understanding of how our industry works and how important team work is.


All through the week and on the final day in particular, the competition is fierce, with teams, OMD mentors and media owners vying for the much coveted prize. In preparation for the big day, many students on the course pull all-nighters to get their presentation perfected!

Each team presents to a panel of judges and an audience of around 100 that includes teachers, parents, mentors and some of the media owners, perfect preparation for what happens in the real world.

We are continually astounded by the fresh, bright and unusual ideas that come from the students, which serve to remind us to always think outside of the box, to continue to look to various sources for inspiration for our work and to continue running such an inspirational programme that will attract motivated individuals to our industry. This year the bar was raised and we were outstanded by the responses to brief.

Have a look at some of their picture diaries here

The winning team “Armis Media” was led by buddy Rachel Ennis.

– Oilbhe


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