What Influences Online Shoppers?

January 20, 2014

We’re all aware that online shopping has now become ingrained into most people’s shopping habits, but what exactly is it that influences people to follow through with that final click?

One of the major influencing factors for online shopping according to ComScore is shipping and delivery services. In 2012 ComScore stated that 42% of online shoppers have abandoned their carts because of delivery dates, and 75% of shoppers believe that every retailer should offer tracking information. It appears as though the ever present in-store conditions of convenience and accountability in the purchasing cycle are still at the forefront of online shoppers’ minds.

According to Baynote’s 4th Annual Holiday Shopper Survey (2013), one of the strongest factors is ratings and reviews. As social creatures, it would seem feasible to conclude that we would allow the opinion of others to influence our spending. Australian website Posse has taken this so far as to gamify the process by rewarding loyal consumers who give recommendations of products and services to friends and strangers alike.


But one of the more interesting discoveries made by Baynote in online shopping were the different approaches taken by men and women. They discovered after Cyber Monody 2013, that “Women were 145% more likely than men to always or frequently use email promotions while shopping in store”. While “Men were 20% more likely than women to use their mobile devices to find better prices while in store”.  These statistics then beg the question; perhaps the bigger picture for online retailers is not what will influence shoppers to make that final click, but rather who is being influenced?





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