The Evolution of Ad Sharing

December 11, 2013


Digital has turned our industry around completely and it’s constantly expanding and changing. In order to get a grasp on the scale of Digital’s growth we can look at the evolution of ad sharing. A perfect brand to demonstrate this is Dove. In 2006 they had a major viral hit; Dove Evolution.  It was shared 60,954 times in its first year whereas by comparison, Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ was released eight months ago and now has over 4 million shares.

The gap in the amount of shares over the course of 8 years demonstrates the development of the online video marketplace and this is clearly obvious in the numbers. According to Unruly; branded video sharing has increased 50 times in the last eight years.

The best way to look at some of the biggest viral spots is Unruly’s Spiral Viral. This has been spiced up since its last appearance in 2011 (2010’s Old Spice Ad really changed things up). It allows you to filter by year, shares and sector as well as providing nuggets of video sharing info.

Check out Unruly’s Viral Spiral for yourself:



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