Media and Technology

December 3, 2013

The annual DIT Pitch Fight was on last week, where three agency teams presented a response to three most challenging briefs. In a change from previous years, Leo Moore, Planning Director at Irish International, set three separate briefs as opposed to one. This year each of the teams were given a brief which covered the topical and at times heart wrenching themes of male suicide, binge drinking and cyber bullying. The standard was universally acclaimed to be very high; in particular the level of insight and planning thinking that was on display. These are sensitive subjects, life threatening at times, that communication on its own can’t solve. Conversely any solution will require outstanding and empathetic communication, and to my mind, what better way to show these budding practitioners of the future the latent power of what we do; our role as changemakers in society and the responsibility that comes with that.


Talking of changemakers, I was a guest of at the Spiders awards last Thursday evening at the Convention Centre. A most enjoyable evening highlighting the diversity and impact that technology is having in Ireland. My hosts, Brian and Eamon Fallon, were rewarded for their many internet successes by picking up the Internet Heroes award. Coupled with Paddy Cosgrave and the web summit team picking up the Outstanding Contribution to Ireland Award, it highlighted to me how Ireland’s tech sector is central to our future success and that we have plenty of people excelling in this field.

It was a point picked up on both in the technology infused solutions that the DIT students had presented the previous evening and by some UCD students that we have been working with in developing research projects – most of which involved measuring how some form of technology led solution was surpassing a seemingly outdated way of sharing information.

Technology doesn’t always work – witness my falling out with Google maps in Galway on Saturday evening – but in most instances, harnessing its power with a blend of intelligence and empathy, can lead to exponential results. Every day we are learning how technology whilst not always making our jobs easier, is consistently challenging the way that we communicate to people, whether its through short form video content, or Real time Bidding or the multitude of apps that inhabit our mobile phones like mini brand fertilizers. So as I leave the office, about to use my Dublin Bus app, I will reflect on what a great ever changing industry we work in and the privileges and responsibilities that come with it.



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