Summer highs, Rating Lows and Brand Reactions.

July 23, 2013

It’s official, Irish people are obsessed with the weather, when it’s bad we moan about, when it’s good, we can’t stop posting photos about it. Currently my Facebook and Twitter accounts have turned into the weather channel.  A print screen of the weather, an ice-cream, another ice-cream, toes on the beach, a BBQ meat infestation, rosé on the balcony and melted chocolate.


So as we all struggle to keep ourselves cool – what impact has this weather had on the world of media?

For some brands, the contingency budgets have come out in full force to take advantage of the summer highs, after all advertising needs to be relevant and context is key. For example, Boots are offering half price on all sun screens on blue sky days. Centra reacted with a hot weather BBQ campaign as did Heinz for their BBQ sauces.


Weather can be very prohibitive for brands and if living in Ireland marketing plans find it difficult to relay on our inconsistent seasons. Our UK counterparts have come up with a clever solution to controlling spend based on the weather. They promoted Costas Ice Cold Costa range on the underground network when the temperature went above 22C. The ads were location specific so when the temperature went up, a digital panel at a station exit not only delivered a promotional message but also directed underground users to the nearest Costa outlet that they could buy an Ice Cold shake from.

The flexibility of some media allows brands to effectively react to the changing weather. But what about brands who have booked their TV campaign months ago and are now on air without the eyeballs?

TV’s summer problem is nothing new, impacts are down and prices are cheaper, it is the most cost effective time of the year to buy TV. The recent spell of weather has meant broken routines; people are out and about enjoying the weather and not the box, thus resulting in falling impacts. Comparing w/c 8th of July 2013 to the previous year against all adults impacts are down 8%.

Stationgroup Impacts 
RTE 633272
TV3E 492488
TG4 34806
ISKYMED 323062
IE4 47943




Stationgroup Impacts 
RTE 527115
TV3E 473533
TG4 34230
ISKYMED 319971
IE4 52804
TOTAL 1411353


The delivery of TV campaigns during hot weather can be difficult to attain and despite the amateur weather man from Donegal’s predictions, this does little to help our impact predictions and subsequent delivery during this hot spell of weather.

What seems to be at odds here is a mixture of a content and behavioural problem. Stations are not actively investing in the summertime schedule and are taking the lull period on the chin, mixed with viewer’s sporadic media consumption during this holiday period.

One thing is for certain, no matter where you are, or what you are doing you are guaranteed to have your mobile with you, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are reporting an explosion in mobile advertising this year, so whatever the weather – it has to be mobile.




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