Pope Benedict has the last word

February 18, 2013


So, one of the big news stories last week was the resignation of Pope Benedict.  A move that has been heralded as one of the most radical and modern moves of the Catholic Church in years, a move that has sparked both speculation and criticism and a move that has us all talking.

If I am to be perfectly honest, the pope, what do I know of him, not a lot, however, I know more about him since his resignation that his ordination into the Catholic Church.  If I am to be cynical, I believe many Irish people will share this position with me. I took the time to have a look over the Irish search history of Pope Benedict – and low and behold, it seems we are only interested in when something big is happening, namely his ordination and resignation


I did however find out that the pope is active on Twitter. This intrigued me. You can tell quite a bit about someone, their interests, their guilty pleasures, their past times by who they follow on Twitter. For me, it’s brands, trends, music, entertainment, news and a whole load of funny people.  As for the Pope, here is his Twitter-life, he joined in December 2012, he has 1,564,068 followers, he follows only 8 people,  all of whom are his own account Tweeting in other languages! To date, he has sent 36 Tweets, his first reading “Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless you all from my heart” and his latest Tweet, which has served to remind me that I still have my hand in the biscuit tin and have forgotten about Lent! “Lent is a favorable time in which to rediscover faith in God as the foundation of our lives and of the Church’s life”.

So, with my limited knowledge about the pope, what I can conclude is he is a modern type of guy, the pope’s surprise resignation has sent researchers scurrying through the text books for historical precedents- there are none. Coupled with his embracement of the world of social media at age 85- it seems Pope Benedict has had the last word.Image


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