Movember – Just Say Mo

November 20, 2012


From it’s humble beginnings in Melbourne nine years ago Movember has grown to become a global movement with almost 2million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas taking part around the world. This phenomenon is responsible for the sprouting of unsightly moustaches on thousands of Irish mens faces but also for raising a staggering €92.4 million for prostate cancer in 2011! This year (to date) the campaign has raised €44.8 million and Ireland is certainly holding its own. According to the official leaderboard Ireland are currently ranked 5th behind Canada, the UK, Australia and the US in terms of how much has been raised. 

A strong social media presence including official Twitter and Facebook accounts has undeniably boosted awareness of the campaign. Between the 1st and 19th of November Movember has generated 1,382,268 mentions across social media platforms. November 1st alone accounted for in excess of 359,000 posts, this has since levelled out to an average of 56,000 posts a day. Image


And it’s not just the boys who are getting involved, there are plenty of Mo Sistas getting in on the action too. A Mo Sista is essentially any woman who loves a Mo, who cares for and is dedicated to supporting a Mo Bro through their Movember journey. The number of Mo Sistas is on the up and they are certainly holding their own. They currently account for over 38% of the Movemeber conversations taking place online. Image

While the campaign has certainly found a home online, plenty is happening offline in support of Movember. Around the world (and in Ireland) the end of Movember is marked with a series of Gala parties. These events are a thank you to Mo Bros and Mo Sistas for their fundraising efforts and also an opportunity for the Mo Bros to show off their moustaches. 

The Dublin Mo Run which took place on the 17th of November in Phoenix was the biggest Mo Running event around the world with over 1,700 runners taking part all in a bid to change the face of men’s health. 

While I’m about as partial to a moustache as the next girl, this is one tache I’m willing to support…





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