From Austria with Love…and a Shot of Adrenaline Too..

November 6, 2012

Founded by an Austrian, headquartered in Austria and their most recent ground breaking campaign led by an Austrian. It seems Red Bull are all about staying true to their roots and most of all, their adrenaline fuelled culture.

Red Bull burst onto the scene back in 1987 (not reaching Ireland for about another ten years and was a brand new product in a brand new category). Their marketing strategy was unconventional and their product drew plenty of criticism due to its perceived detrimental health effects. To date, none of the accusations have proved conclusive and Red Bull remains the original energy drink. However, in recent years the brand has been floundering somewhat with the influx of copycats. The struggle was also evident in their sales tactics which have altered to mass distribution whereas in the past, it was limited to maintain the mysteriousness behind the brand.

So the company needed something new, something fresh. Something that would re-awaken the population to the world of Red Bull in just the same way it did when it was launched. Insert Red Bull Stratos: Mission to the Edge of Space. On the 14th of October 2012, we witnessed an event which broke three world records in one sitting (or jump, rather). Felix Baumgartner, a former Austrian Air Force pilot jumped from a balloon which rose to 128,000 feet. The mission incorporated every single type of media out there today in both the run up to and execution of the event. TV, print, online, digital, you name it, the event was covered by it.

The jump itself was streamed on over 150 websites and through multiple smart phone apps. It was watched by over eight million people worldwide (setting another record for the largest number of concurrent web streams). To date, it has accumulated over 27 million views on YouTube. It was covered online via the Red Bull Stratos website and through their own various social media outlets. The BBC will be doing a two-hour long documentary on the entire project which is due to be aired on November 4th. The print element comes into play via the Red Bulletin, Red Bulls very own magazine. 3.1 million localised copies per month are distributed 4 different languages, in 11 countries across multiple continents.

The record for the highest free-fall had been held since 1976 by Col. Joseph Kittinger, a former US Air Force pilot. Not only was this record broken, it was smashed, along with two more;

– First free-fall to break the sound barrier (Felix’s top speed was 1342.8 km/h or Mach 1.2).

– Highest manned balloon flight (128,097 feet).

This event has been a success for Red Bull on an unprecedented scale. It has contributed to science and space exploration, building on Red Bulls CSR strategy. The jump will go down in history and no doubt in those history books there will be pictures. And in those pictures will be Fearless Felix, who’s space suit and capsule were plastered in Red Bull logos.

So if you’re trying to come up with a campaign to incorporate the young and the old, the new and the used, the traditional and non-traditional, look no further than the team at Red Bull.

Just in case you missed it, watch the video here:



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