Getting personal in the online world

October 9, 2012

One key trend to come out of troubled recessionary times are that consumers welcome good customer service. It is the simple things that have started to impress us, a smile, acknowledging our presence, a friendly face and a thank you for your custom. It is key that consumers have developed a growing appreciation for good customer service and this is set to be a key differentiator between providers in the future.

With the proliferation of shopping happening online nowadays, it does beg the question, how do online retailers get personal with their consumer, how do they build a relationship and add a personal touch?

I did a quick whizz around the office to see how some of my colleagues had fared in the world of online and if they had ready access to human help or was it a case of the “computer said no”.

Alan Daly, a part time wine enthusiast amongst many other talents told me about his very positive experience with As he is no expert and is still learning the complex world of grapes, he thought it was a great touch that when they sent his order out they included information- about the wine, the regions they were from and some complimentary /recipes. To top it all off they then phoned him up and asked him was he happy with the service and was everything delivered in a timely manner. Points out of 10 for a personal service 7/10.

Leigh Cunningham, part time contact lense wearer, also spoke positively about his regular online experience with Their approach has been so personal and approachable that he has continued to use them for the past 2yrs. They send him a email to ensure his order is correct, they follow up a email to make sure you are happy with the overall service, not to mention a further email to ensure Leigh is aware when his prescription is running out. Whilst there is no direct human contact, Leigh does get a photo of the customer care manager on duty at the time with each email. Points out of 10 for a personal service 7/10.

Jennifer O’Mahony, part time Brown Thomas Shopper (although i’m sure she would love this to be full time). Jen spoke briefly about how impressed she was with the BT birthday perks.  Last year, the day before her birthday they called her up and invited her instore for a free makeover. In the week leading up to her birthday this year, Brown Thomas tripled her points as a way of rewarding a loyal customer. Points out of 10 for a personal service 8/10.



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