Me, Myself and Radio

July 17, 2012

Suffice to say I’m still pretty new to the media game, I’ve been working in OMD for about 7 months now and I’m pretty sure my friends and family still have no idea what it is I do all day. I’ve always been interested in media, even if I didn’t realise at the time (I often referred to it as marketing or advertising) and certainly since joining OMD I’ve become even more aware and more curious as to the ins and outs of the industry.

Of late radio in particular has caught my attention – not only are stations looking for listeners, but they’re also looking for advertisers. As a media planner I find myself involved with stations on two levels..firstly as a consumer of their products and secondly as the person responsible for purchasing their ad space.  Two current campaigns, one from Dublin based station Radio Nova and the other from Independent Radio Sales (IRS) have made me think of the whole model on which advertising is based…the two underpinning successes of radio stations are audience and revenue.  Both are key to a stations success and with media budgets and audiences (in some media) declining….it’s refreshing to see that radio won’t back down and will continue to fight it’s corner.

The first campaign that caught my attention was the current ‘Addiction’ campaign from Radio Nova – every morning without fail for the last number of weeks one of these eye catching ads speeds by me on the 46A. Bloom have created four pieces of striking creative for the outdoor campaign – each is a clever play on words drawn from popular song titles which most members of the public will be familiar with.

I like these ads a lot, as I mentioned they’re clever but they’re also incredibly simple. The message ‘Seriously Addictive Music’ is exactly what Nova is about and just like Nova the campaign is unique, it’s also just a little bit daring and puts a smile on my face first thing in the morning. It’s also a first for a radio station in that it features the listeners rather than the presenters that would typically front such a campaign.

While Nova’s campaign is very much listener focused a second radio campaign for ‘Ireland FM’ is vying for the attention of the industry. Fronted by ‘Hot Hal O’Day’ a new campaign took to the airwaves last week to promote Ireland FM, Ireland’s biggest radio network. The campaign for IRS aims to send out the message that buying a package through IRS can reach over 1.5 million listeners on local radio stations. The campaign has only just gone live but we in agency land have already had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Hot Hal, in fact I even received a personal video greeting from the man himself highlighting all the benefits of Ireland FM. Although this second campaign is entirely different to Nova’s, it too is intriguing.

– Sorcha


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