Catalysing Curiosity

March 13, 2012

The ever thought-provking TED organisation again today provided a lovely piece of inspiration for anyone for whom ideas are a central part of their work.

They’ve launched a series called ‘Questions Noone Knows the Answers to’. TED curator Chris Anderson narrates us through an introduction where he talks about the idea that when you’re a child, you assume that all questions have answers, and that it’s not until later that you realise that actually, there are lots of unanswered questions out there. This series will explore a number of these questions.

The first exploration in the series is the Fermi Paradox, which revolves around the question: “Why can’t we see evidence of alien life?”. With such a high probability that alien civilisations exist, why is there no convincing evidence of any? What’s really interesting is the conclusion that is drawn; that either answer, proof that no other life exists in the universe, or indeed proof that there is plenty of other life out there, is equally amazing.

We hope you’ll find it as thought-provoking as we did. We’re excited (not in a geeky way) about the rest of the series, so as long as TED keep making them, we’re going to post them here!


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