Consumer Electronics Show 2012

January 17, 2012

Consumer Electronics Show 2012

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has, as usual, thrown up some amazing advances in technology from some of the world’s biggest technology manufacturers.    

One big trend this year was Ultrabooks. These ultra-thin full-powered laptops were on show from Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, HP and others. These are competing not only with other laptops, especially the already successful MacBook Air, but also with Tablet computers, and their incredibly quick start-up time. These Ultrabooks all aim to match that start up time, while offering full computing capabilities, all in a body only 20mm thick.  

Environmentally friendly technology seems to have been another buzzword at the show as ‘Ecotech’ products sprung up all around. There was even a human-sized hamster wheel from NRG, which showed people exactly what goes into producing electricity, using a medium they could readily understand; their own bodies. Rohan Marley presented a set of environmentally friendly headphones which are made using as much recycled and natural material as possible; insisting that there doesn’t need to be a sacrifice in quality in order to produce sustainable products.

Another big trend was for OLED TVs with Samsung and LG leading the charge. These televisions boast self-illuminating technology which gives a super efficient high quality images and incredibly thin design.

Samsung and Lenovo used the show to introduce TVs that recognize you and others in the room, automatically logging you into Facebook and pulling up your favorite channels or websites. We talk about ‘big brother’ technologies, but I don’t think we have had such a literal example as this before; a TV, in the corner of your room which knows your face, understands your preferences and reacts accordingly. Telescreen anyone?


 In fact, it amazes me how often I see technologies that look familiar because I’ve seen them imagined in films and on TV in the past.

Minority Report came to mind when I saw one of Samsung’s other products, the Smart Window, which is an amazing transparent LED screen or ‘window’ which is fully touchscreen. Has to be seen to be believed!

Tablets were also common at the show, as the second generation kicks in, we see more compatibility, better hardware and screen resolution. ASUS in particular seem to have done very well with the Transformer 700 series, which includes a laptop dock that improves both functionality and battery life. Still, any time I see anyone using a tablet, this image springs to mind:

With all the amazing treats we’ve seen at CES 2012, commentators are already speculating that CES 2013 will be Google’s show. Time will tell, but in the meantime we’ll be keeping an eye on which of 2012’s products actually appear on the market and which ones disappear altogether.



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