Meeting the New Year

December 13, 2011


It’s that time of year where my mind meanders towards lists. I’m not alone in this pursuit, although I suspect somewhere closer to the domestique end of list writers rather than the maillot jeune end of the spectrum, to use a cycling analogy. As most productivity style courses will tell you, there is a power to list writing, in particular in the achievement of goals. They bring with them a sense of purpose; the opportunity to refine and hone, to reflect a true ambition that doesn’t exist as a vague thought bouncing around one’s mind; and can act as a reminder and catalyst for impetus when revisited at a later time if focus has been found to be waning.

A related enabler of action is the much-maligned meeting. We’ve all been in good ones and bad ones, but invariably little gets done without having gone through a series of filters, over coffee and croissants in the meeting rooms of the land.

There is an event coming to Ireland next year that will use both of these techniques, the list and the meeting, to act as a catalyst for long-term social change. The Change Nation Summit in Dublin aims to gather 50 of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs to address Ireland’s most pressing social challenges (effectively the list, albeit a far more grandiose one than my usual new year’s resolutions), and at the same time facilitate for each of them building a team of the best placed people to implement their solutions (the meetings).

Thinking of all this led me to compose my first list for next year. My desert island, all-time, top-five most memorable meetings that could/should/would happen next year were the world to be a better place:

  1. Enda Kenny meets Sheikh Mansour, owner of Manchester City, who decides that winning the Premier League, is no longer a sufficient display of his financial prowess, and that he wants to take on a small under performing country and lead them to European domination, eradicating all debt along the way.
  2. The NNI, the OMA, who knows even the odd TV station, getting together and espousing their respective media.
  3. Our legislators get together with our industry and understand the benefits that a strong advertising industry brings to our country.
  4. Media owners’ cross media sales teams, actually meeting each other in advance of presenting client solutions
  5. Robbie Keane shaking hands with John Terry in Kiev on 1st July, to commiserate with the Englishman as Ireland triumph in Euro 2012


Who knows, 2012 maybe looking better already


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