Forming Opinions in the Tweet- Vine

October 25, 2011

As the presidential campaign comes to an end, it is interesting to see how debates have heated up and become more popular as the public prepare to cast their votes. The 3 major debates on TV have had their viewership grow significantly as crunch time closes in. Last night’s being the pinnacle.

1)      Vincent Brown- TV3-  4th   October 

360,000 adults and 11 TVRs

2)      Primetime on RTE with Miriam O’Callaghan-12th Oct 2011

643,000 adults and 19 TVRs

3)      The Frontline Presidential Debate with Pat Kenny -25th Oct 

758,000 adults and 22 TVRs

However as I watched what I considered the best Presidential Debate yet last night on The Frontline I was enthralled to see the live soap opera akin to Eastenders unravelling on Twitter. It occurred to me how the Tweeters can sway and form opinions so quickly and really impact on voting decisions. Here is a selection of some of the Tweets last night that have framed the candidates and may ultimately be that crucial decisive factor in the casting of votes. Clearly some candidates have fared much better than others.

Michael D. Higgins:

  • “Michael D will be president, Dublin will be sparkly clean when the flood subsides and I just found €1 trillion behind a cushion, #Irelandisfixed”
  • “Higgins tries to duck questions again, pulling presidency duvet over his head”
  • “Michael D. Playing a blinder”
  • “Michael D. Restoring sanity and integrity to the proceedings”


Mary Davis:

  • “Mary Davis has had her Ready Brek on my telly, she’s glowing”
  • “Does Mary Davis actually know what the presidency involves and what it’s all about”
  • “Mary Davis, the Derek Nally of Aras 11?”
  • “Who get more preferential votes Mary Davis 4/6 versus Dana 11/10” (Paddy Power)


Dana Rosemary Scallon:

  • “Excellent answer from Dana on the referendums and the lack of information been given out on them”
  • “Dollars, eh we use Euros here Dana”
  • “Excuse me Dana, I’m in the grassroots of one of those parties and you don’t speak for me”
  • “Dana’s voice alone is enough to drive you mad, never mind the rubbish she comes out with”

Martin McGuinness:

  • How many houses did Martin go to and take more than a cheque, like taking a man away to be murdered”
  • “Martin McGuinness shows no remorse to the men, women and children murdered by the IRA”
  • “No no McGuinness is talking sense again”
  • “Anyone but Martin McGuinness, anyone but Martin McGuinness, anyone but Martin McGuinness”



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