Eurovision time again. And this time…its…meaningful?

May 10, 2011

To my mind, Eurovision is not a contentious issue, it’s a non-issue.

That said, I have sneaking suspicion that this year, it’s about to be bumped back up the food chain. For me, the most interesting thing about Eurovision is where it sits in the cultural landscape, and how that differs amongst the competing nations.

For us it has become a little bit silly; something that was a big part of the Ireland we used to be. We’re a bit too cool for it now though, a bit too grown up and modern to really like it, apart from in an ironic way, of course. For other nations, it retains a genuine significance, and is a real source of national pride.

But of course, much of our new-found ‘coolness’ is wrapped up in what was, ultimately, a fantasy…and we’ve been taken down a peg or 85 billion in the last couple of years. Alongside the ‘blast from the past’ trends which have re-emerged since the onset of recession, (nostalgia, thrifty cool, cocooning etc etc etc etc), perhaps it’s time for us to get over ourselves and revisit those things that we’ve scoffed at in recent years, but were meaningful to us in our not-too-distant past.

And then, there’s the Jedward effect. Like Eurovision, those boys have somehow set up camp on the line between the ridiculous and the legitimate. I think they might just be the thing that drags Eurovision kicking and screaming back into relevance again in the collective Irish consciousness.

We’ll share the TV viewership figures once they’re available, and compare them to previous years for various audiences. In the meantime, let us know if you think Jedward have a chance:




One Response to “Eurovision time again. And this time…its…meaningful?”

  1. […] our favourite twins finished 8 out of 25 last Saturday on the Eurovision. Despite being one of the top search terms over the past couple of weeks, Jedward failed to meet expectations. Not only is this disappointing, […]

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