Toilets are for Customers’ use only

November 15, 2010

Oh dear. I’m always a little sad when I see this sign, especially when I see it in an establishment I quite like. It always makes me think, “Hey, restaurant! Why don’t you want me to like you?”

I consider myself a customer of lots of businesses, regardless of the frequency with which I use them. If I go to a coffee shop once every two weeks for 6 months, I am a customer of that coffee shop. I might not be known by their staff particularly, but I feel I should be able to use their bathroom on a day when i’m not buying a latte.

Imagine your favourite sandwich chain, (or coffee chain) puts up this sign in their bathrooms. Shortly afterwards, you walk into a branch  and try to use the bathroom, only to be told that no, toilets are for customers’ use only. Do you have it out with the manager? That argument would never be useful, and would only ever end with you saying: “But its only a bathroom, why are you being so weird about a bathroom?”. Bottom line, I have more to spend my time on than arguing with people in coffee shops.

The point is, I would rather see this sign:




2 Responses to “Toilets are for Customers’ use only”

  1. […] courage and conviction to address issues and see them through. A simple practical example might be Claire’s great suggestion for toilet signs. If our politicians had communicated to us with similar refreshing empathy over the last few years, […]

  2. Neasa Cunniffe said

    That would be a much better sign. You should work in marketing 🙂

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