My Information Rehab

November 2, 2010

My iPhone recently stopped working, which has been very annoying. I have been an iPhone zealot for well over two years now, and people have remarked over recent weeks how strange it is to see me with another phone. This is the power of the iPhone; it has such presence that I look strange without it.

Ok, so above picture is somewhat disingenuous; the phone I am using now is new and is no slouch, it actually has a lot of the same capabilities as the iPhone. My email works fine, but for some reason the internet browser doesn’t. It’s all a bit clunky anyway, so I haven’t looked into getting the browser sorted. After two years of comfortable touch- screeny slidyness, all those little buttons so close together bother me quite a lot.

For the first week or so, I suffered withdrawal. During a visit to the cinema, I found myself thinking, “Oh, he was in that Melanie Griffiths movie…no wait, that was Goldie Hawn, no, wait….. which one is which again? Oh no, he wasn’t in it, that was the other guy…”. I was powerless. Access to the websites with the information that could help me was all the way at home, on my laptop, which takes 5 minutes to start up. For the last two years I’ve happily opened up my IMDB app and found the information I needed in 20 seconds flat (while doing my best to hide the glow from my fellow cinemagoers, of course).

Now, three weeks on, I feel like I’ve been through rehab and come out the other side. For the first time in two years, I don’t want to use my phone. I will when I need to, obviously, but it is no longer an extension of my arm.

I now realise that I had become an information junkie. Anything I wanted to know I could find out in an instant. Dropping outside of 3G coverage for half an hour would drive me mad. But then, each hit had begun to bring me less and less satisfaction. It had become too easy. Now instead, I store up my questions to ask my computer later on. For me, this is the equivalent of trawling through archives in a musty library. There may only be a few hours in the difference, but that time delay has restored value to the information, and has made finding it out a little bit special again.



One Response to “My Information Rehab”

  1. Neasa Cunniffe said

    Great post Claire! I have to say I miss your super fast Google skills for all my random shout across the office questions. No one here has matched you yet for IMBD dexterity!

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