Go on go on go on – Ambush the World Cup

June 16, 2010

How clever…36 women dressed in orange Bavaria dresses close to TV cameras in the Netherlands v Denmark World Cup game.

I have a funny feeling that a lot of the influential’s blog activity in the next few weeks will be World Cup related…

So here goes another one.

I’m always a supporter of the underdog, and luckily so, because, I pulled Paraguay out of the hat in the €5 work sweepstakes. And they drew with Italy on Monday so you never know! Believe it and it will happen…

The big brand sponsors/partners of the Fifa World Cup include Budweiser, Mc Donalds, Adidas, Visa and about 15 others. And they pay very highly for the privilege.

So this year, Fifa are acting uber strict and clamping down on unofficial advertisers who try to forge an association with the games without forking out the cash.

Bavaria, for example, the underdogs in advertising spend terms, embarked on a very clever guerrilla marketing campaign this week. 36 camera friendly, nicely positioned women dressed in Bavaria branded orange dresses were kicked out of one of the World Cup stadiums during the Netherlands V Denmark game.

Fifa are considering legal action against the dutch brand for stealing the limelight from their official beer partner. But it may be too late as the marketing teams work is done. The cameras captured the image, word is out there, and we are talking more about Bavaria than we are Budweiser. And all for a very very small point zero zero percent of the price.

It’s a thin line though – what about advertisers who run promobikes outside GAA games? What about food brands that sample outside Taste of Dublin?? What about Flashmobs that dance in Dundrum town centre? And what about Walkers current ‘Flavour World Cup’ campaign?

I support the clever ambushers. Most advertisers don’t have massive sponsorship budgets so we need to think smartly about what we can do to generate interest and word or mouth. And more and more often these days, this interest is surrounding events and capitalising on these…

Meanwhile Paraguay play Slovakia on Sunday. Fingers crossed!



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