The World Cup

June 15, 2010


david beckham

How easily stars are made, and how quickly they fall.

World championships, Olympics, World Cups, these events all create heroes. All the key ingredients are there; massive excitement, young, good looking people and superhuman feats of skill and strength. Think Jonny Wilkinson, Rugby World Cup 2003, think Usain Bolt at the 2008 Olympic Games. But then, think David Beckham, World Cup 1998.

Heroes and pariahs.

So, who will win out this year? And what will it mean for their sponsors? Attaching themselves to sports stars is one of the few ways that ‘male’ brands can use celebrities. But in this year’s World cup, who knows which one of these players will surpass themselves, or humiliate themselves, or be sent off following a moment of madness?

So, it makes you wonder; in a world where every cent, penny and yen of advertising spend is being scrutinised, and increasingly risk- averse brands are exerting such tight control over other elements of their communications, brands attaching  themselves, very expensively, to something that may or may not work out horribly? Well, it seems a little crazy, doesn’t it?




One Response to “The World Cup”

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