May 31, 2010

I was flicking through one of my favourite media choices, the Financial Times weekend edition, and hidden amongst articles about gambling and the world cup , out of office responses and what they say about you,  and Canadian wine wars  there was piece on the Kug. What is the Kug you may understandably ask? It is an all in one device that is both kettle and mug, designed by Irishmen having seen the difficulties that people with arthritis encounter in drinking hot beverages.

The Kug got me thinking of the concept of bundling – whether that’s the  two for the price of one we often see in the media world, or the things that can multi task or be multi tasked successfully.

Things that can multi task: Women (obviously!)

Things that can’t multi task: Tim (obviously, some might say, as best exemplified by my one fingered typing skills)

What is quite a lively debate is the bundling or otherwise of advertising skills, media and creative in particular. The argument,  no matter where you fall on this debate, is usually supported by the line “it’s what clients want”.

Clients want great work supplied by people who understand and are passionate about their business. They want the best media and creative skills. In most cases this works best when media and creative agencies work well together. That’s not to say that the Kug all in one model works best. In my mind it is when all disciplines are given their full scope and focus, that the best work is produced. The challenge is to structure your organisation to bring out the best skills in your own people and their expertise, that can respectfully complement the expertise that either sits across town in another company or down the corridor in your own.

It certainly took unbundling to raise the level of the communications bar that too often under utilised the skills of the old media department in the corner. The debate on how communications solutions are delivered in the future will no doubt continue to rage. For me, it’s time to divert my (single minded) focus to making a cup of tea (Barry’s of course, not a Kug in sight!).



One Response to “Bundling”

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