Sex, Jedward and 3D Sell

May 21, 2010

Last week, as you might have seen in our Ignition 5, the advertising community was chock full of respect for the young creative who landed himself a job by playing on the vanity of Creative Directors who googled themselves, a guilty pleasure enjoyed by many.
Amongst The Influentials blogging team, one of our favourite guilty pleasures, is checking out our blog stats. Any one of you who blogs, knows just how addictive this can be.
Here at The Influentials, our busiest day is always a Tuesday, when most of you (our clients and friends) receive our newsletter The Week in Influence. And since these blog statistics are based on what you, our readers, find interesting, we thought you might like some insight into what’s been most popular since we started the blog in 2009.
The stats provide an intruiguing (and unexpected!) picture of what we’re writing about, what our clients like reading and which topics/keywords have tapped into the zeitgeist.
Jedward drove a ridiculous amount of traffic to our blog, right up to a couple of months ago, only to be overtaken in 2010 by people searching for information on 3D. Our busiest day overall to date was Tuesday May 11th – when Vanessa wrote a blog post on Sex & The City 2.
So our learning so far is that is we want to draw in more readership, Sex (and the City), Jedward and 3D TV are selling. I’m not sure if we’d consciously refine our blog writing to cater for these tastes, but we’ll certainly be keeping this information in mind!
 Top Posts
(Excluding our Ignition 5 series which is a definite favourite – creative ideas from Ireland and beyond chosen by all the OMD-ers)
1.  John & Edward have the X Factor
2.  3D – The Next Big Thing …. I think
3.  Now that’s Advertainment!
4.  How to become a Youtube/Facebook one hit wonder
5.  Missionary Brands
6.  If you pay peanuts…
7.  A picture paints a thousand numbers
8.  WOM – en
9.  Mud is Good
10. What’s the Buzz?
11. Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
12. The Art of Storytelling
13. Michael O’Leary must be gutted he didn’t get there first
14. The Davy Lewis Band – trying to make it in a different era
15. 3D Convert
Top Search Terms
(Used to find our blog)
1.  X Factor 2009
2.  3D Glasses
3.  Jedward
4.  David Ogilvy
5.  Renault Megane Coupe
6.  Seth Godin 
7.  Lizzie Miller
8.  Swine Flu Poster
9.  Jimmy Wales
10. OMD Ireland Blog
11. The Influentials
12. Gossipy
13. Platinum blond men
14. Zen Quote
15. OMD Ireland

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