Sex and the City 2 is like the World Cup for Men

May 10, 2010

The new Sex and the City movie is releasing in Ireland on the 27th May. The original movie was an overwhelming success and the franchise soldiered on to produce a number 2. It’s the most anticipated release ever. For the first feature, Galaxy, Veet, Debenhams, amongst others, bought the right to associate themselves with the movie. This time there is an even longer list of partners – Moet, Boots, Nivea, Pretty Polly, Special K, Veet, H&M, HP, Lipton, Mercedes Benz, Skyy Vodka, Swarovski. Every press, TV, radio and online supplier is running coverage of the movie in the hope that unofficial, as well as official, supporters seize the opportunity to align themselves somehow with the movie.

It’s amazing the power of the Sex and the City brand. And right about now, the same fight for World Cup association is kicking off. A load of TV campaigns started this weekend. The Carlsberg ad is a good example. The website lists 15 partners/sponsors/supporters, which are only the tip of the iceberg. It’s powerful stuff and the beginning of a competitive fight for World Cup share of voice and share of predominantly male attention.

Which got me thinking that Sex and the City is a female brands dream, and the equivalent to the World Cup for men. I must be the stereotypical female because 27th May is the only ‘event’ on my radar in the next month….what follows in June is over my head. Maybe times don’t change much.



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