Google the mood of the nation….

February 12, 2010

I’ve recently discovered the google insights for search tool. It’s amazing – and a brilliant insight into the mood of a nation, especially the rising search facility. Basically the tool charts information on what people are searching for. So this morning I looked at Ireland in the past 7 days and this is what I got:

Interesting – sport, politics and escapism (i.e. please god let me win the lotto!) were top of mind for the Irish public last week.

Looking at the past 30 days and rising worldwide search, it is comforting (or maybe not depending on how you look at it) to know that only the iPad topped the search for the word ‘Haiti’.

And when it comes to advertisers, it can be a good gauge of how effective your campaign is – if people are searching it is achieving cut through and there is interest there. For example Moonpig is a rising search In the UK in the last 7 days. Valentines Day + heavy TV advertising campaign = success for this website, and you can bet the numbers that followed through and bought a greeting card are massive.

Anyway, I will report back on the mood of the nation further on in the year based on google insights. Fingers crossed, positivity and growth will feature, along side ‘Ireland Six nations win’. 



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