What Matters Now

December 21, 2009

2009 has been a tough year for OMD. It’s been a tough year for everyone in our industry. By all expectations, 2010 will be just as tough. So going into the New Year, inspiration in any form is definitely welcomed.

Seth Godin has stepped up to the mark, and put together an ebook full of big ideas from big thinkers – on topics like Generosity, Fear, Meaning, Dignity and Vision.  It’s a good read, to stimulate reflection over the last year, and to kickstart planning for the year ahead. 

“Leadership is more than influence. It is about reminding people of what it is we are trying to build—and why it matters. It is about painting a picture of a better future. It comes down to pointing the way and saying, “C’mon. We can do this!” When times are tough, vision is the first causality. Before conditions can improve, it is the first thing we must recover”

 Link to download the free PDF

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank The Influentials team: Eamonn Donnelly, Claire Butterly, Vanessa Lenahan and Phillipa Ryan.

This blog would have never been possible without their creativity, enthusiasm and most importantly their perseverance. It’s not easy to keep writing posts continuously, and to keep writing them at such a high level of quality. From the early days when nobody read the blog except the five of us, to the skyrocketing popularity of the Jedward posts, every person on The Influentials team played an invaluable part. Their combined efforts have made a success of this idea.

Thank you aswell to all the whole OMD team who read the blog and offered feedback and encouragement, with an honorable mention to Mary who jumped onboard as the first guest writer.

This will be my last post until February as I’m off to Malaysia – see you again in 2010!



2 Responses to “What Matters Now”

  1. theinfluentials said

    Thanks Ness, I think you deserve your own honourable mention too…..thanks for being ringmaster!

  2. Vanessa said

    Bon voyage Neasa! We will miss you about the place – and we all know that you wont be able to stop yourself checking for blog activity while you are away!! Our first Malaysian hit?? And remember to put the influentials as favourites at every computer you find yourself at!

    Happy Christmas everyone,


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