How Those Grinches Stole Joe’s Christmas No.1

December 21, 2009


Poor little Joe. They stole his number one to prove a point. Petty, petty. Shame on them. Possibly the Grinchiest thing I’ve ever heard.

It seems they did it because they believe that their views on what the music industry should be are more valid than those of the 6 million or so people who voted for Joe to win the final of XFactor. They stole a first number one; a Christmas number one, from a kid.

XFactor creates chart success, yes, but it’s not that simple. XFactor may be a corporate machine, but it’s also a fantastic democratiser. Look at the talented people, people with no ‘connections’ who now have a chance, thanks to this show. Pop is pop for a reason; it’s popular. It’s what people want. XFactor is simply a new, more inclusive vehicle for choosing the stars.  For all those who think that music with guitars and drums is more valid than a pop vocalist’s work, bottom line; who the hell do you think you are?! You’re in a different game. Stop trying to ruin this one.

These self righteous, self important folk need to take a look at why they believe they have better or more important views than the general populous. I wonder which Beethoven or Mozart would think is better music, Rage against the Machine’s offerings, or Joe’s note-perfect vocals?

The rebuttal from these Grinches is that the market decided; that the two offerings were pitted against each other, and one won.  Pish posh I say; an unnatural distortion was introduced to this market – one player was working from motivation that wasn’t represented by how the market works.

They cheated. Like the Grinches they are.



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