Is democracy really fair?

November 25, 2009

Should we all have the right to voice our opinion in every circumstance?

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to change the world, or the democratic parts of it anyway.  It’s just a thought that struck me as I was glued to X-Factor at the weekend, no doubt in similar fashion to Vanessa.  Finally, the judges used their power to eliminate the infamous John and Edward.  When it was left to public vote, they survived at the expense of more talented singers.  I’m neither pro or anti the twins and I’m not trying to start a debate over their talent.  What I do want to do, is raise the issue of popularity over talent.

Let me side track slightly to an equally popular talent competition – the Eurovision song contest.  Ireland’s track record in this competition was outstanding for a number of years, to the point where it was almost sending us bankrupt to host it year after year.  But since this competition changed to public vote, we’ve been nowhere to be seen.  The once wildly greeted douze points are now a distant memory.  Ok, so we’ve had some questionable acts in recent years, remember Dervish anyone? But then there was the obvious exception of the dashing Donegal crooner Mickey Joe Harte.  Even when we gave the proverbial two fingers to the competition in 2008 with Dustin the turkey, we were sent packing.  Are our acts that bad?  Or is it our positioning on the outskirts of Europe that’s hampering our chances?  I’m going with the latter.  We’ve no “friends” in Europe.  Public or otherwise, the UK could never be relied on to give us some valuable points (they could say the same about us).  We don’t have to play any political games with any of our neighbours and we can’t walk over the border into a neighbouring country and register a vote for ourselves.  So, to sum up, is the public vote fair?

Is X-Factor a competition of popularity or talent?  Should the public be allowed voice their opinion?  Neglect people power at your peril!


One last time for the boys…


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