Jedward + Media = $$$

November 24, 2009

I last wrote a blog on John and Edward on 20th October, and now, 5 weeks later; ‘Jedward’ are a media phenomenon. Two twins from Lucan, unknown a couple of months ago, are (according to some estimates) on their way to earning £2 million in the next year. As we speak, they are considering an offer to replace Jordan on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ in the Australian jungle!

They can’t sing, they can’t dance, but as Louis has always said ‘they have something’. The X Factor Results show, after they got kicked out, was the highest rating programme ever shown on TV3, with a 41% share of viewing on Sunday night. Rising searches on Google include ‘Jedward X Factor’ and ‘Jedward Out’. Pleas to ‘Get Jedward in the Jungle’ are all over Twitter.   It really is a phenomenon.

But what do they have that warrants this frenzy?

I think their media birth is timely.  What 17-year-old boy(s) will unashamedly dress in red PVC suit(s) and sing and dance their hearts out to Britney Spears, in spite of a country-wide hate attack? None – and in the current economic climate (I hate that expression), they are refreshing, fearless and a hundred laughs a minute.

The people, and therefore the media, love Jedward because of these reasons – and John and Edward will bank a million each by this time next year.

It’s amazing – overnight millionaires for – some would say ‘nothing.’ But, to me, their rise to fame is along the lines of the best inspirational stories on Oprah, or Susan Boyle and her Britain’s Got Talent experience.

Fun, fearless, innocent 17-year-old Irish boys + Media = $$$….the only questionable thing is their shelf life.



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  1. […] a thought that struck me as I was glued to X-Factor at the weekend, no doubt in similar fashion to Vanessa.  Finally, the judges used their power to eliminate the infamous John and Edward.  When it was […]

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