November 19, 2009

I wasn’t the only person in this country holding onto the edge of my stool last night. I wasn’t alone jumping and screaming when Robbie Keane scored the opening goal against the French side, not alone either burying my face is my hands when Henry “scored” the goal that was to deny us entry to 2010’s world cup. Figures just in from RTE confirm an average of 1,074,000 people (based on Individuals 4+) tuned in to watch the game representing a 62.4% average share. That‘s over 1 million people who saw Henry’s hand foul be replayed in slow motion from the stadiums multi-angle cameras, just incase we didn’t get it first time round. The moans and boos from the crowds in my local was palpable to the first few performances of The Grime Twins in the X factor. Are we reduced to the two from Lucan being our only hope now?

The media has been awash with complaints from the Irish public. People are vowing to boycott Gillette, and any brand with any remote association with France. My inbox has been flooded with forwards with obscenities probably not suitable for this forum. Radio, Tv, Web, Newspapers all taken over with Irelands sense of disappointment, betrayal.

The power of the people cannot be underestimated. In an already challenging commercial environment, any type of association with Thierry Henry or with France for that matter may prove detrimental to marketers. All brand expressions have the potential to enhance or detract from a brand’s reputation…it will be interesting to see how The Gillette story will unfold. Procter & Gamble look set to have a challenge on their hands for 2010, in Ireland at least.



One Response to “Cheated?!?”

  1. […] it doesn’t help either one differentiate themselves from the other, their main competitor. Other footballers still, associate themselves with Gillette and then find themselves embroiled in an international furore […]

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