Community spirit

October 6, 2009

Arthurs daySat in a pub in West Cork last weekend, I became involved in a conversation between my friend’s Uncle, Jack, and the lovely bar maid, Pat. Clonakilty had just recently won a county football final and was later that day going to compete for the West County Cup (which they lost, admittedly I’m a bit indifferent to GAA and not being from Cork the event was lost on me). Pat had decked the pub out with a Banner for the local team, which had been painted back in 1996. She was excited with the way the community was rallying behind the team, ‘this is what the town needed’, she said, ‘Something to motivate people to get behind each other again’.

 A recent surge of advertising campaigns have heralded a similar sense of community. Love Irish food, has brought together more than 30 of the Irish foods sectors major brands in attempt to boost sales on home produced food brands. Denny recently launched their ‘Home is…’ campaign….getting us to submit heart felt material for their next advertising campaign. They’re rolling 8 pop-up homes around the country to highlight the value of ‘The Home’ and to educate people about The Simon Community.

 Guinness hosted the largest community get together on September the 25th, when Ireland and the rest of the world celebrated Arthur’s 250th anniversary with a pint of the Black stuff. The event was broadcast worldwide and celebrated in several other cities. It felt like an extremely well orchestrated musical St. Patrick’s day without the parade.

 Our wage slips might be dwindling but maybe encouraging appreciation for what we have is exactly what’s needed at the moment!



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