October 6, 2009


I feel like summer has quickly turned to winter since my last blog post. The leaves were quickly blown off the trees, its getting dark before half seven, and I think it’s the first time in my life that I can say (or think to myself) ‘I don’t mind!’ I’m a summer kind of gal – I like the sunshine, swimming in the sea etc, and normally a kind of muted depression sweeps over me when I feel the first chill of winter in the air.

This year it’s different – I don’t know why that is, but suddenly I’m appreciating being inside, wearing boots and tights, cooking warm wintery meals, watching the X Factor and the Apprentice…

….and the city lights of Dublin out my window are the warmth and atmosphere to these comforts.

Filmmaker Ian Cheney  has a new film coming out called ‘The City Dark’. In this picture, he looks at light pollution in New York City, and how night-time and darkness are non existent in big cities. He asks: why do we need the night anymore? He also looks at the energy crisis and what effect night-time city lights are having on this.

Obviously, it’s a given that a city will be lit up at night but I imagine that it will be disturbing to see how much damage this is doing to our planet when the film is released.

When it comes to media planning, I think the opportunity of winter and city lighting is underestimated by marketers. Many clients are of the opinion that it’s better to go the outdoor route in summer but I think if sites are properly illuminated winter wins hands down. See effective winter campaigns here.

Irish weather is wintery from September – April, i.e. 8 months of the year, two thirds!! So I think it’s about time we use city light creatively and expand the possibilities of this arena. I’m convinced it could produce some really beautiful  and eye catching formats. (and photgraph really well on top of that… )



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