Your Numbers up!

September 10, 2009

090909This week has been the week of numbers; while 32,500 Electric Picnic fans reveled in mud and rain, 927,000 individuals tuned into Ryan Tubridy’s first ever attempt at hosting the worlds longest running chat show, Derren Brown predicted UK lotto numbers on channel 4 on the 09/09/09, and Dublinbikes launched its 40 stations for 450 bikes.

All events triumphed in numbers. The Picnic sold out by the Saturday evening, while Tubridys Late Late audience saw the biggest number of viewers since Gay Byrne in 1999 and the Late Late Toy show. Ryan Tubridys’ success was most probably due to a variety of factors; wet weather, poor competing schedules, Tubridy Tonight fans, curiosity over his ability to host prime time spot. And although Electric Picnic’s steep €240 ticket price saw a slow sales growth on tickets, the weekend of music, art, body and soul still seems to held its appeal to both regulars and festival virgins alike!

Derren Brown with the help of channel 4 staged one of the most extensive Tv events of the year, by predicting last nights UK lotto number live. In a television broadcast first Channel 4 showed the event live across it’s entire network at 10.35pm.

Also, as another incentive to get people back on their bikes, Dublin City Council launched their CityRyde scheme. Cycling in the city center has increased by 44% in the last 3 years, and looks set to experience another boom. The bikes are supplied to the City as part of a contract Dublin City Council signed with JCDecaux in 2006 that will also see public information campaigns, advertising and new signposting to city centre amenities.

 It’s autumn, the weather is beautiful and for the first time in nine months our numbers are reflecting something positive. A record amount of people married in China on the 09/09/09 because the Chinese for 9, ‘jiu’ means ‘forever’, let’s hope things keep in the right direction!



One Response to “Your Numbers up!”

  1. Neasa said

    I’ve also heard that “ESB Savings Board” radio Ad loads – encouraging people to cycle to work and that your employer can pay for half of it in taxback. Apparently you €500+ a year!

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