Human contact

September 10, 2009

Picture1Gmails gone down! Oh no, the Internet’s broke.  Electronic catastrophe!  One hundred minutes without Gmail and missed so much that it was renowned after three minutes as Gfail. 

If you didn’t notice it, it’s possible you have a life.  If you did notice and it freaked you out, – well go get a life.  I noticed it, you see I was waiting on some really important basic data, but hey, I’m still here.  I remember when we had no phone in our house, no mobiles and no email, but somehow we still communicated and socialized.

A highly respected client of mine, a Belgian guy, called Guy, told me that he was fed up communicating electronically because no one knew how he felt about his business and he didn’t know how others felt about his business either – and it wasn’t a language problem.  It was, as he said himself, c’est trop électronique (it’s too electronic)  He wanted to meet more with people face to face.

Consider this, if you are on Facebook, Bebo or perhaps you Twitter, your loyal followers might know what you think about the new Adam Sandler movie, but do they know that you are really worried about your dad’s heart condition – or do they care?  It’s the same In business, we must understand by sharing personal insights with our clients and communications teams, sitting in the one space together, rather than living electronically as a so called ‘partners’. Okay, they dismantled the full service agency, but they should have kept the chairs the refreshments and the idea generation in the same room – a space for natural human contact.

When I was young there were horses in the field next to us and every now and again they would scratch themselves on the electric telegraph pole (as we called it) and blow the fuses in the whole street. ‘Damn horses’ my mum would say, dinner half cooked, no TV and hot baths interrupted again; – fantastic my dad would enthuse as we gathered to hold hands and chat around the log fire in the dark.  You know, I think I learnt more about my own Mum and Dad and my own family in that space.

Keep in TOUCH with your clients and make sure they keep in TOUCH with you – you know what I mean.



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