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August 26, 2009

gossipy women


Ever wonder why the first three letters of the adult fairer sex start with WOM. Is someone trying to tell us something? Well fact – women are four times more likely to share personal stories with a friend compared to men. Okay I hear you say it’s just men are four times less. Either way, let’s not fight over it. It’s all about greater word of mouth. Fact is, if you are marketing to women, or indeed not, (and maybe you should be) WOM can be of great benefit to your product or service through references.

It appears women are natural word of mouth spreaders, they are wired that way.  My friend used to say ‘if you really want to communicate something there are three main ways, Telephone, Television and Tell a woman’. He’s still single.  A serious article I read said that women have four times as many connections between the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Women tap deeply into connecting with others. Apparently it’s true, and as such, is a good consumer insight into how we market to women and how we might tap into this WOM mentality to our benefit. 

If a woman can be such good ambassador, it is important to respect her opinions and needs. So, what can you do to increase women’s WOM, – well, appeal to her particular social senses.  Don’t just give 15% discount if she signs up three of her friends, she’s not going to sell out her friends – how about, – ‘you and everyone of your friend who sign up will get 15% off’, and now the individual has access to a discount that she can pass on and share with friends.

The personal touch has always been appreciated and spoken about, but make sure you deliver on your promises or fix them if you break them, bad WOM is not good.  Make sure you meet expectations, because women are very strong on bad service.  A personal thank you note is appreciated, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, remember her child’s name, or her birthday. These are small examples but if you can adapt this mentality on a bigger stage you might have a greater chance of being talked about, recommended, or even loved.

I read a good story about a financial advisor to a certain woman who has two dogs. Every visit he sends the woman home with two dog biscuits, he even knows their favourite flavour – sausages.  Her husband couldn’t care less and the dogs are oblivious to it.  The woman loves her dogs and appreciates the man’s financial advice, but what really endears her and her friends to him,  is the thought ……….and the sausage biscuits.




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