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August 19, 2009

Pampers Golden Sleep Train

I was wandering through Dundrum Town Centre the other week and I snapped this image. My first thought was, ‘ah sure that’s a nice piece of ambient’, but when I poked around a little I found out that it’s actually a programme Pampers are touring with around the UK & Ireland. The Golden Sleep train sets up in shopping centres and invites parents to come inside the train, learn about infant sleep habits and gives them the chance to talk to experts.

 The Google- test was encouraging; a quick scan of the conversations started about this (mostly on mum’s websites and blogs) tells us that the reaction is overwhelmingly positive. It’s not surprising- this programme was chosen based on research which told them that sleep was the primary concern of parents with young children.

 So the train does three things; it’s a nice piece of media which lots of people see and it engages its audience (parents of young children). Most importantly, though, it rewards those who choose to actively engage with the brand with something positive, and that’s the key. Communications that help us sell products and services to the people we’re trying to reach, yes, but isn’t it fabulous when your piece of communication is useful to them also? If you offer your consumer something useful with your message, you can get them to take the first step, to offer you their attention. If you can achieve that, you’re well on your way to building a genuine relationship.



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