Advertisers go Street!

August 14, 2009

Bulmers is one of the latest advertisers to join the Street Art brigade. In one of their most recent campaigns for Bulmers Light, they hooked up with Kings of Concrete and All City records to host Secret Wars, a live graffiti art competition.

Graffiti is an important art form, it has evolved from sytlised tags to elaborate street canvas’s that communicate personal, political and social messages. Artists such as Bansky, Keith Haring, have helped propel the art into popular culture. Advertisers have been quick to take note that this presented a key opportunity to capture the attention of the rather hard to reach 17-34 year olds. Piers Fawkes (acclaimed marketer and author of the IF blog) has heralded campaigns such as Sonys PS3’s, as a “a cheeky wink toward a savvy audience who are already familiar with the product.”

Meanwhile, other Irish advertisers to turn to the medium include Sony Playstation, who bought wall space on key buildings in the city centre (Grafton and Georges street)  for it’s “Life is for Living” PS3 campaign. While this years Oxegen festival, one of Heinekens largest sponsored yearly event, was flooded with Maser “tags”.

 What needs to be addressed in the coming months, as we see Graffiti Advertisings rise in popularity,  is whether Irish consumers are engaging with the medium? Did Sony’s “Life is for Living” campaign give the brand enough street cred to motivate it’s target audience to buy? Was Bulmer’s Light an appropriate association for the Street War’s audience? Whilst Oxegen is possibly the largest event to showcase Ireland’s Graffiti and Art scene, was this years venture exploited as a Maser self promotion? Whilst certainly an interesting format, whether it creates enough consumer attention to warrant it effective is yet to be seen.



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