Pop-up Spacebuster in Ireland?

August 13, 2009

picture 3

In the last year or so, pop up events/flash mobs are a la mode among advertisers.  In every Ignition session we host, at least 20% of the ideas that are generated revolve around flash mobs in Stephens green or pop up party houses in suburbia.

Kilkenny Arts festival recently carried out a flash dance mob in Pearse Street Station in Dublin to advertise the upcoming event. IKEA currently have a popup room filled with their furniture occupying prime position at the Balally LUAS stop in Dundrum.

Next step – Spacebuster! The Spacebuster was created by a group of German artists and has just taken on the streets of the USA. It’s basically a van with a big inflatable space out the back that can fit up to 80 people in it! Perfect for pop up parties, meetings, events, and best of all for creating advertising buzz.

 I think its time we developed an ‘Irishbuster’ – it would be great for new product launches and for advertisers who are looking for something a bit different and exciting!


picture 2


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