Random acts of kindness

August 12, 2009


So yes, good things can come out of a recession, like the growing sense of community and the importance of generosity as society encompasses the warmth of caring once again. Gone is the flash exhibitionism of monetary prowess and chic couture. There is a resignation that cries ‘‘I wish I had a new car, but I can’t afford one’’ and a culture that acknowledges – ‘’I want a new car but I won’t – because my neighbour can’t afford one’’. Consumer as a whole are disgusted with greed and are growingly distrustful of Governments, Institutions and Big Businesses.

That’s where the trend for Generation G (that’s G for generosity not greed) can capture not only the societal mindset but also the business one as well. People want institutions and companies that care. This is never more important for a culture that is becoming more online savvy and interactive, by sharing, swapping, giving, discussing and creating. This democratisation of the web means that business needs to focus less on end results and more on their behavioural attributes. 

As few as 13% of Americans place their trust in big companies, Only 39% of employees trust senior leadership and three-quarters of US consumers feel that companies don’t tell the truth.  So now, with all this disgust and distrust expect to hear a lot more about caring because that’s what people will demand, caring about their jobs, their families, their savings, their expenditures, caring about themselves as consumers. They will despise excessive riches, not tolerate highly inflated egos and dare I say it, hopefully find talent less over-exposed so called celebrities repulsive (but that’s a personal wish) Generation G is more about context and timing than insight.

So, the business trends on the up to watch out for: Co-donation (you buy we donate, getting everyone involved in good causes), Eco-generosity (you buy, we plant trees), Free Love (free stuff from airline tickets to hotel rooms), Brand Butlers (help, assistance and convenience), Perkonomics (special treatment, like O2 priority tickets), Tryvertising (try before you buy) and then there’s Random Acts of Kindness (paying your restaurant bill or happy hour especially for you).

By the way there is a Northern Ireland fashion brand ARK (Acts of Random Kindness).They ask that each time a customer wears one of their shirts, that they do something kind for someone, a coffee or a seat on a bus, a real conversation grabber for families and friends. And you know, with all this goodwill going around, I never even asked how much they were.







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